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Lawn signs are one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising available to a business or organization.

when to display your lawn signs

It’s hard to mess it up but there are certain considerations you should make when it comes to displaying lawn sign advertising and one of them is WHEN to put them out.


Say for example you’re a sporting goods retailer like Source For Sports, and you’re looking to spread the word about the bicycles you sell.

The best time of year to start displaying lawn signs for your bike sales would be in the early spring months of March and April when the weather starts improving in Canada and more people are starting to think about outdoor summer time activities.

The same philosophy can be said for back to school sales, snow removal services and Christmas gifts.

There’s no sense in displaying them TOO early but you definitely want to start planting the seeds in people’s minds well before the peak of your busy season.


A similar premise described above also applies to using lawn signs to spread the word about an upcoming event.

People in general are both really busy and also kind of dumb (or short sighted as a nicer way to say it - hey we’re including ourselves here!) so we need reminders early and often.

Say you have a fundraising event planned for the first Saturday of November. In this case putting up lawn signs in the middle of October may be too late to be fully effective.

Displaying lawn signs at least 2 months before an event allows more people the opportunity to see the signs and be convinced to save the date.


Businesses that don’t have an on and off season can reap the benefits of lawn sign advertising 24/7/365.

However, you’ll want to consider a couple other factors:

  1. Weather conditions. There may be no point in keeping a lawn sign up during the winter if it’s going to be buried / blocked or damaged. Coroplast lawn signs are as durable as they come but they’re not invincible against the harsh winters in Ontario.

  2. Rotation. Like all forms of outdoor advertising, a lawn sign displayed in the same area for a long period of time can become white noise to those who have been seeing it for many months which makes them less effective. If you want to display your lawn signs all year round, we suggest either rotating their placements to various spots in your market or swapping out the signs with new designs to keep them fresh.


In the case of political campaign election lawn signs, there are often municipal bylaws in place that dictate the window in which your lawn signs can be displayed.

Most commonly these laws are aligned with the “Writ of Election” date (how general elections are called in commonwealth countries like Canada).

For example in Hamilton it’s 28 days before an election, while the St. Catharine’s by-law allowed a legal window to display election lawn signs is 60 days prior to election day - 7 days after the election.

NOTE: There is a Canadian federal law that applies to everyone across Canada; property owners cannot prevent tenants from displaying election signs.

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