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As any designer will tell you, there’s really no such thing as a good or bad color, only proper and improper use of colors.

Designing lawn signs is no different.

best colors for lawn signs

When it comes to choosing the best colors for your business lawn signs, there are no specific colors that work best for all so you also should not rule any of them out.


While it’s true that certain color combinations work better than others the ultimate truth when it comes to lawn sign color selections is that they should:

A. Match your branding.

Applying a consistent style and color palette across all of your business marketing is important.

Logo, store front signs, business cards, vehicle wraps, website and yes, certainly your lawn sign advertising.

If you’re most known for a single shade of green, lean into it! If your established brand is black and white, stick with it!

Printing lawn signs is not the time to try and reinvent the wheel when it comes to your business color. Keep it simple stupid.

We offer full color lawn sign printing and lawn sign design services to help make your signage as impactful as possible. Click here to learn more.

B. Offer strong contrast and readability.

Arguably the most important factor when designing the perfect lawn sign is how easy it is to read and understand.

The best way to make your lawn signs an effective marketing tool is limiting the amount of content used in the design and ensuring the content that IS used, is very easy to comprehend by people walking, biking and driving by.

If your sign is easily readable from a distance, you’re in good shape.

When it comes to helping you design your lawn signs, we don’t believe in close enough. We can help you create signs that are exactly right.


If you’re in need of outdoor signs but don’t have an established list of colors to use, there are a few simple color theory tips to keep in mind.

1\ Stand out with vibrant colors

According to, the easiest colors our eyes can see from a distance are green (during the day) and yellow (at night). So if your main goal is to stand out, you could go with a green over white background or yellow over black.

Do not use background and text colors that are too close to each other because you will lose the contrast you want.

Also don’t use too many vibrant colors. When used strategically they can be very effective but doubling up on them is often too much of a good thing and your signs may end of being visually overwhelming and ineffective.

2\ Tap into basic human psychology

Certain colors have the power to evoke certain emotions in the viewer so depending on the type of business or the goals of the signs, you may be wise to use this to your advantage. goes into great depth about this, but let’s look at some of the most common colors and what they have the power to do.

RED = action, strength, energy.

Use red when you want to come off strong and confident to generate excitement. Red is also a popular choice for restaurant decor as it’s known to inspire an appetite.

BLUE = calm, serene, trust.

Use blue if you’re looking to inspire a sense of peace and inspire confidence in your viewers. Blue is a common color choice among lawyers.

GREEN = nature, prosperity, harmony.

Green is often used by holistic service providers as a way to evoke revitalization.

YELLOW = joy, fun, warmth.

A popular choice for event branding or experience based businesses.

ORANGE = freedom, optimism, enthusiasm.

Orange is often used to help advertise creative endeavors and it also works well for anything related to youth.

We hope this helps you to choose the best colors for your lawn signs!

If you’re still unsure, leave it to the professionals at Sticker-It to design something for you that will work beautifully! :)

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