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Unlike some other names of custom stickers that we offer, like die cut stickers and kiss cut stickers, “roll labels” means exactly what it says, it’s a roll of labels.

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To be more specific, roll labels are large quantities of stickers on a continuous liner backing that’s rolled around a spool.

In other words, they’re high volume sticker labels in a convenient and easy to handle format.

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Due to how they’re manufactured, there isn’t really anything that the stickers on roll labels can’t be used for.

However generally speaking the most common use of roll labels in Canada is for package and product labeling.

This is partly true because roll labels are typically used for large quantity sticker orders which are typically meant to be paired with large quantities of products.

Although because they’re on a spool, roll labels make for a great addition to a company’s product packaging and delivery station by making stickers quick and easy to retrieve and place where they’re needed.

Since roll label stickers can be printed in whatever custom shape you want, they make for excellent jar labels but we’ve also seen them used on:

  • Water bottles
  • Wine bottles
  • Paper products
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Plastic wrap

What if each label needs different content?

Another great thing about how roll labels are printed is that it’s simple enough to customize some information on each label (ie, numbering and naming)

This means that roll labels are also very useful for other things like:

  • Bar codes
  • Name tags
  • Shipping labels

With our high end label printing equipment and software combined with our design experts on staff, Sticker-It is able to create any combination of size, material, content and options that you need for your roll labels.


With over 20 different material option combinations available, the cost of roll labels can vary based on your particular order type and quantity.

Your best bet is to either get a custom quote for roll labels and we can recommend the best options for what you are looking to do with the labels.

Our roll labels start as low as $0.10 per sticker.

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