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Why are lawn signs so popular?

Lawn signs are everywhere.

They’re in every city and every location.

Whether they’re used for business advertising, a happy birthday shout out, political messaging, graduation congratulations, to promote a sale or even just to tell people to take their dog’s poop with them, we notice them.

The fact that lawn signs are so noticeable makes them effective, but is that the only reason why they’re so popular?

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If lawn signs are so effective, why don’t we see lawn sign advertising for some of Canada’s biggest companies like Shopify, lululemon, Telus or Dollarama?

One theory is that nationwide multibillion dollar companies are more focused on brand recognition country wide and are not always as concerned with brand recognition in places like Hamilton, St. Catharines or Dunnville Ontario specifically.

On the other hand, smaller local businesses like restaurants, general contractors, tutors or roofers have a more targeted geographical market and benefit more from local brand recognition. Imagine yourself driving down the road.

lawn sign business advertising

Would you be more likely to think about fixing your homes walkway after seeing a lawn sign for Golden Horseshoe Concrete & Forming compared to thinking about switching phone carriers after seeing a lawn sign for Telus?

More often than not the answer will be yes.


When positioned properly in high traffic areas, custom lawn signs are seen by hundreds or thousands of potential customers every day.

If we abide by the “rule of 7” that says a customer needs to see your advertisement 7 times before they consider buying from you, the number of new leads you receive should start to climb after about a week of the lawn signs going up.

How to position your lawn signs properly?

They should be close enough to the road to be seen, not blocked from view by bushes or structures and not too close to other lawn sign advertising so yours isn’t lost in the clutter.

Make sure you are placing them in spots you’re legally allowed to.

The best spot to place a business lawn sign is on your customer’s front lawn.

Not only does it become effective advertising to passerby’s it also becomes a testimonial from your customer that says “I used this company and I liked them enough to allow them to place this sign on my yard for a while.”


Unlike other forms of outdoor advertising like billboards that are in a fixed location or bus ads which you have no control over in terms of their route, lawn signs allow you to try out new placements whenever you’d like.

Since lawn signs are created with lightweight material and stuck into the ground with metal step stakes, placing and moving them is a breeze.

This is especially perfect for those on a budget because it means you can purchase less signs but still have them positioned in different places during a period of time.

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Just because they’re light and easy to move doesn’t mean they’re weak. In fact, if properly taken care of, lawn signs can last for years.

Lawn signs are commonly made with sturdy corrugated plastic with UV ink, which means with the proper care your lawn signs can last for years and used repeatedly.


When compared to most other forms of outdoor advertising, having custom lawn signs created is a less expensive option.

Especially when you factor in the points made above in terms of their durability and mobility, the benefits of lawn sign advertising can be felt for months or years after they are paid for (unlike billboard advertising for example which comes with a significant monthly cost to keep it up).

We talk more about this in our how much do lawn signs cost (INTERNAL LINK TO LAWN SIGN COSTS ARTICLE WHEN READY) article.

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