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First impressions matter when it comes to your business and brand.

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One of the best and most cost effective ways to impress new customers is by turning your business logo into a custom vinyl sticker.

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Companies use logo stickers for many different reasons but we’ve learned that they have 3 primary uses. So once you have made your logo sticker, you may want to consider using them for:

    Regardless of what size products you sell, slapping on a quality vinyl sticker instantly brands it with your business logo and colors.

    Since logo stickers can be created as practically any size and shape, businesses can choose the ideal dimensions for their particular needs.

    It also doesn’t matter what type of material you use to package your products. Since vinyl stickers will stick to practically anything, you’ll be able to get the benefits of a secure logo sticker whether you’re products are wrapped in plastic, cardboard, paper, cellophane etc.,

    Who doesn’t love stickers? In school we put them on our books, binders and lockers. At any age we put them on our water bottles, cell phones, laptops, car windows. Construction workers put them on their hard hats and lunch pails (especially union stickers).

    We love them even more when they’re free which is why so many businesses choose to print logo stickers so they can be given out as promotional items.

    The best part? Every time someone receives and uses your sticker, they become a walking advertisement for your company.

    Stickers are a win win!

    If you’d rather not rely on others to showcase your sticker (or let’s face it, if your business logo is not the kind of design many people will want to show off on their stuff), you can still gain brand awareness by using stickers as a guerrilla marketing tool.

    Bands stick them to public places to spread the word about an upcoming show, major brands (think Monster Energy Drinks) use them to keep their product top of mind when their target demographic enters corner stores and even small mom and pop shops can benefit by getting their brand seen throughout town by those most likely to be a customer.

    Due to their low cost (more on this below), and long lasting durability, sticker logos can be a very inexpensive yet effective form of advertising for your company.

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Learn more about custom stickers for business here and read this before you order custom stickers.


You can learn more about how we make custom stickers in general, but for the sake of logo stickers here’s what you need to know:

  1. We offer design services if you do not yet have a logo or sticker design ready
  2. We offer sticker printing in virtually ANY size
  3. Your logo sticker can be die cut into any custom shape you wish
  4. All stickers are printed with our durable vinyl material with a strong adhesive backing and come with a variety of special options
  5. For larger quantities of stickers we offer roll labels

All we need is your logo file and a bit of information and we can take care of the rest!

You could even try printing your own custom logo stickers at home if you have the right hardware and know how.


The cost per sticker and the full sticker order will depend on variables such as:

  • Sticker size requested
  • How many stickers you’re ordering
  • If there are any specialty films

For example, we offer a sheet of 10 custom vinyl stickers for as low as $23.90 but depending on how many you’re ordering we can do a custom sticker order for as low as 50 cents per sticker for larger quantities.

You can learn more about what custom stickers cost here or better yet, provide us with some basic info through our custom sticker quote request form and we will be able to send you a detailed and accurate quote for your custom sticker order.

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