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How cool are glow in the dark stickers?!

As the popularity of custom die cut stickers continues to rise thanks in part to how easy it is to order custom stickers and how cost effective custom vinyl stickers have become, people are becoming increasingly aware of how effective glow in the dark stickers are.

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Custom glow in the dark stickers are no longer just for kids.

Thanks to improved sticker technology and the expanded use of phosphors (more on what the heck a phosphor is below), there is a long and growing list of uses for glow in the dark stickers.

Exterior night time identification stickers

Not to be confused with reflective plastics, thanks to continuously on spring the light from the day, glow in the dark stickers can be used as a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of helping spot certain things on your property long after the sun has gone down.

Stickers for around light switches

Similar to the above, glow in the dark stickers can be equally helpful with identifying important things inside the house in the evening.

Place glow in the dark stickers around light switches, onto your TV remotes or around the base of tripping hazards to help you better operate around the house after lights out.

Star stickers for ceiling

Speaking of after lights out, one of the original and most popular uses for glow in the dark stickers is decorating a bedrooms ceiling with star stickers.

Give yourself or your child the chance to sleep under the stars from the comfort of their own bed.

Canadian outlets like Funique and Toys R’ Us offer these for sale but if you have something custom in mind, you can order your stickers using our online custom sticker ordering tool.

Fishing stickers

If you enjoy fishing then you have likely found yourself out past sunset finding it increasingly difficult to locate a lure or piece of equipment as dusk turns into dark.

custom glow in the dark stickers

Popular fishing brands know this (probably because they too love fishing and have often been in the same boat - pun fully intended) and have been learning into this by sending their company logo as a sticker to their customers with a glow in the dark effect.

Why? Because they know most people will stick them to their tackle box or the inside of their boat which means their brand gets brighter as everything around it becomes darker.

This not only helps their business stand out in the eyes of their customer but also offers a practical use by having their sticker be something people can use to easily locate important things in and around the boat.


In a nutshell, glow in the dark material absorbs energy (light) and then releases it as another color light.

This is the magic of phosphorescence and fluorescence.

For a more detailed technical explanation, we’ll let the geniuses of explain:

“All glow-in-the-dark products contain phosphors. A phosphor is a substance that radiates visible light after being energized.”


Like all types of custom stickers, the cost of ordering glow in the dark stickers depends on a range of variables like:

  1. Whether or not you will require custom design services.
  2. How many stickers you need.
  3. What size of stickers you need.
  4. Where they’re being shipped to.

Please reach out to get a quote for custom stickers anytime and we’ll be happy to help bring your vision to life!

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