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In an of themselves, effectively designed lawn signs can be an excellent advertising tool for a business or event.

When you combine the attributes that makes a lawn sign so effective (cheap, durable, easy to use) with the right amount of humor, that’s when you can really get something special.


There’s no escaping advertisements these days, they’re everywhere!

Alongside roads, up in the sky, leaning against buildings and popping up constantly on the device you’re reading this on now (how awesome would it have been to time a pop up right then!)

Smart businesses are always experimenting with ways to have their message cut through the noise and make an impact.

One of these ways is to make you smile. Super Bowl ads have been doing this for years.

Humor can offer a lot of benefits to any outdoor advertising, especially lawn signs.

Humour grabs your attention.

Drive down Upper James Street in Hamilton in the summer and you’ll likely see a large number of advertisements posted around the city. It would be easy for your sign to become just another spot on a cluttered background. By injecting humor into your sign, it will be more likely to be noticed.

Funny = Shareable.

Whether or not someone is actually interested in what your lawn sign is advertising, if it hits someone’s funny bone they will be much more motivated to share a picture of it on their social media or in their friends group chat. This means your lawn sign ad gets seen by more people than just those driving by.

It makes your business personable.

Like in dating, nothing shows your personality and intelligence more than a good sense of humor. Consider your potential customer as someone you’d like to go on a second date with. The quickest way to form a personal connection is usually to make them laugh.

Your message becomes more memorable.

I’d wager that if you were asked to recall a list of 10 advertisements, at least 7 or them would have an element of humor. The recall surrounding humor based signs is much stronger compared to basic signs. So not only will your funny lawn sign stand out and be shared more often, it will also be remembered for longer.

DISCLAIMER: Keep it clean! Edgy can be ok, but don’t go too far and alienate too many people otherwise your sign could have the exact opposite effect you’re looking for.

We offer custom lawn sign design services for whatever type of message you’re looking to deliver! Contact us anytime.


In a competitive real estate market, sometimes a little humor can go a long way.

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Sometimes a real message lands more effectively when delivered with a smirk.

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Will Ferrell movie quotes are sometimes niche but almost always a winner with the right audience.

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Use humor instead of antagonizing to keep your proper safe (and smelling good)

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Lawn signs are not just for advertising, you can use them to show off your personality!

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We’re not quite sure what to say about this one, but knew it belonged on the list!

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