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Since lawn signs are so effective at delivering a message that can often cut through all the noise of other outdoor advertising, they make the perfect way to promote a sale.

lawn signs for sale promotion

Lawn signs are durable, highly effective and relatively cheap (no wonder why lawn signs are so popular) which is why you often see them lining the road side advertising a business, promoting an event, creating brand awareness for a politician or yes, drawing people into a store to take part in a special sale.

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Have you thought up a special promotion you know people will love but you’re not sure how to get the word out?

Lawn signs make for great way to promote a variety of pop-up sale events such as:

  • Grand Opening Sale
  • Clearance Sale
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale
  • New Management Sale
  • Garage Sale

Since lawn signs are relatively cheap compared to other forms of advertisements and efficient to produce by a professional design and print shop, they can go from an idea to being stuck in the ground rather quickly.

The best part? Those who are seeing your sale advertisements are already in the area and are most likely to engage with your business.

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Is there a seasonal event or promotion you’re planning to advertise every year?

Due to the durability and long lasting nature of lawn signs, they are ideal for use year after year.

Lawn signs are ideal for promoting annual sales events such as:

  • Christmas Sale
  • Boxing Day Sale
  • Summer Deals
  • Canada Day Promotion
  • Sports Team Opening Day Discounts

A major bonus is that despite their toughness, they’re also incredibly light (lawn signs weigh approximately 212 grams) and thin (coroplast lawn signs are 4 mm thick) making them super easy to store for the rest of the year when they’re not in action.

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