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The short answer is that lawn signs can last for years or pretty much for as long as you take good care of them (and have them made by a quality printing shop).


Most lawn signs you see by the road are made with a tough corrugated plastic designed to stand up to the elements.

how long do lawn signs last

The most popular manufacturer of corrugated plastic is Coroplast (they’re like what Kleenex is in the facial tissue industry, or the Frisbee of flying discs) and they describe their products durability this way:

“It’s tougher than corrugated fiberboard, lighter than extruded plastic sheet, and is waterproof and stain-resistant.”

How is this possible?

The corrugated plastic itself is made using 3 thin layers of polypropylene plastic substrate (essentially plastic cardboard).

One crisscrossed layer is secured between two smooth outer layers.

The result is a durable and extremely lightweight product, making it perfect for use for outdoor advertising like yard signs.

In the case of Coroplast, their sheets are electrostatically double treated by corona discharge on both sides so allow inks and adhesives to adhere.


First, there is the thickness of the lawn signs themselves.

While manufacturers like Coroplast can produce sheets with a thickness anywhere between 2 mm - 10mm, the most common thickness for lawn signs (which is the thickness we use) is 4mm.

This may not sound very thick but once you learn how they’re made (read above) you’ll understand why that is more than sufficient.

Next, let’s talk about how they’re printed.

The lawn signs we produce are printed with UV inks which are specially formulated to dry much faster with more vibrant colors and images compared to conventional inks.

UV inks are basically a thin layer of liquid plastic, making them highly resistant to fading from friction, chemicals and sunlight.

In terms of the shelf life of our lawn signs, the real question is which would last longer in the most extreme durability tests; the printed content or the plastic signs themselves.


Even the most durable material manufacturing by the best sign shop using the highest quality machines and inks will not produce lawn signs that last forever.

In addition to ordering your lawn signs from us, the best things you can to do help extend the life of your signs is:

  1. Secure them as deep as possible into the ground using H frame step stakes or heavy duty metal stakes to make sure they stay in place.

  2. Try to position them in areas where they’re not constantly in direct sunlight.

  3. Take them down / bring them in prior to extreme weather like wind and hail.

  4. Clean and dry each sign before safely storing them away in the off season.

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