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Whether it’s I’ll Do It Lawn Care advertising their services or La Cantina spreading the word about their downtown restaurant, lawn signs can be a very effective business advertising tool in Hamilton.

Hamilton lawn signs


Before you go ahead and order your lawn signs it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local laws that can impact their use.

The purpose of Hamilton’s Sign By-law No. 10-197 is twofold:

  1. To help ensure signs do not become a public safety hazard.
  2. To help maintain a clean and positive impression of the city.

It does this by regulating sign types, sizes, location, quantities and duration.

Under this by-law a lawn sign would be considered a temporary sign which means the following applies:

  1. Maximum size: 2.2 metres square
  2. Distance from intersection: 15 metres
  3. Distance from street: 1.5 metres
  4. Permit duration: 1 year

Not to worry, the most popular size of a lawn signs is 24x18 so you’ll be well within the size restrictions and as long as you’re placing them properly you should have no concerns about Johnny Law.


When it comes to effective placement of a lawn sign there are a few standard guidelines to follow:

  1. High traffic areas
    (you want to make sure your sign is seen often by a large number of people)

  2. Unobstructed
    (it should be highly visible with plenty of contrast between itself and its surroundings)

  3. Low competition
    (ideally you can find a spot that covers both items above and isn’t too crowded with other signs)

A few common places you’ll want to consider:

  1. Close to intersections
    (with enough distance as laws require)

  2. On your customers front lawn
    (depending on the service and relationship this is an option for some)

  3. Up on a pole
    (lawn signs don’t NEED to go in a lawn, sometimes securing them up a fence, pole or other structure can help it stand out better)

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With all this in mind, there’s likely many spots in and around Hamilton that check many of these boxes.

A few specific places that come to mind:

  1. Upper Gage Ave & Rymal
  2. Stone Church Rd E & Upper Wentworth St.
  3. Pretty much anywhere on Golf Links Rd or Garth St.

If you’re looking for lawn signs in Hamilton we can deliver them right to your door!

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