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Whether you’re ordering lawn signs for business advertising, fundraising or a political campaign giving some thought to the right strategy behind them will help you get the most out of them.

Let’s talk about some things you’ll want to consider before ordering lawn signs.

best strategy for lawn signs


Our lawn sign printing service is efficient and we deliver to almost anywhere, but some things involved in the process are out of anyone’s control so it’s important to order as soon as you’re able to.

  1. Do you have a lawn sign design ready or will you be looking to have something new designed?
  2. How many lawn signs are you ordering?
  3. Where are they being delivered to?
  4. When are you looking to start displaying your lawn signs?

Variables like these can have an impact on the production time so when possible, eliminate as many variables as you can by ordering early!


Buying lawn signs in bulk can significantly drive down the cost per lawn sign so if it makes sense for you, we suggest ordering more than you think you may need.

e.g. when you order 20 lawn signs their cost will be approximately $13.95 per sign, but ordering 50 lawn signs lowers that per lawn sign cost to approximately $8.89, saving you over $5 per sign.

The above example uses coroplast lawn signs, but if budget is a concern you may want to consider choosing poly bag lawn signs instead since they’re often cheaper.

Learn more about the similarities and differences between coroplast and bag lawn signs here.

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Now that you’ve considered when and how many to order your lawn signs, now it’s time for the fun parts. :)

We get into detail about how to design the perfect lawn sign here, but these are the cliff notes version of lawn sign design:

  • Make them easy to read (often times less is more to ensure what you include on your lawn sign design is large enough to read for passing vehicles)

  • Make the message clear (passersby only have a few seconds to absorb your message so get right to the point “Eat At Moes! 324 Main Street”, “Spring Cleaning Special - $49.95 per household” etc)

  • Make it consistent with your brand (ensure any images and colors used match that of your business or event or political campaign)

  • Use a custom shape (when appropriate for the purpose of the lawn sign, a custom shape can draw significantly more attention)


Where you place your lawn signs can often be just as important a decision as how you have designed the lawn signs.

The best looking and most effective lawn sign is wasted when it’s placed too far from the road, in a low traffic area or in a spot where it’s vulnerable to being removed or destroyed.

A few tips:

  1. Make sure you have permission to place the lawn signs in certain areas.
  2. Choose high traffic areas.
  3. Select spots that help ensure your target demographic will see them the most.
  4. Spread them around town so more people have a chance to see them.

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