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It makes sense that vehicles seem to be a popular spot for custom stickers.

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There are so many ways you can have your car, van or truck deliver a message while out on the road or parked in a visible location.

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Other than the fact they allow someone to express their personality or promote a message they believe in, there are a few other things custom car stickers have going for them.

#1 - They’re Cheap!

Depending on the size and how they were purchased, custom vinyl stickers can cost as little as a couple dollars or less per sticker. This makes them an incredibly cost effective way to get a message across or show support for a cause.

#2 - They’re Durable!

The vinyl used to create most car stickers is incredibly resistant to rain, snow, sun and wind. This means your custom stickers will last a long time and will continue to look great long after they’ve been slapped onto the window, bumper or body of a car.

#3 - They’re Limitless!

These days thanks to the improvements in custom sticker technology, someone can design, print and stick practically anything they want (as long as the content of the sticker doesn’t violate any Ontario traffic laws).

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular types of custom car stickers.


Speaking of limitless, there’s really no purpose or message that car window decals cannot be used for.

custom stickers for window decals

Whether it’s a quirky parent with one of those cute stick figure families, a business displaying their sticker logo or a voter letting the world know which political candidate they support (or perhaps more accurately these days, which they don’t), car window decals can be spotted everywhere on the roads.

Our clear stickers come in especially handy here!


Custom bumper stickers have been around for nearly as long as there have been bumpers on cars.

custom stickers for car bumpers

Not long after Ford released the Model A car in 1927 (the first automobile with a bumper added as a safety feature), a man named Forrest P. Gill from Kansas City was said to be the first guy to use a “bumper strip” (which is what they were called at the time) after he combined adhesive backed paper and fluorescent paint to create what we now know as bumper stickers.

Today there are countless types of bumper stickers on the roads, including some of the most iconic types:

  • “How’s my driving?”
  • “My child is on the honor roll”
  • “Keep On Trucking”
  • “Baby On Board”
  • “WWJD”

However as the number of cars on the roads climbed, creative business owners and political campaign managers spotted an opportunity to help get their message out. Today you’ll find messages of all kinds slapped onto bumpers and for that we have custom stickers to thank.


Custom vehicle graphics are typically larger decals customized to market an organization or business.

They can be a limited graphic on a vehicles hood, trunk or door or be a complete vehicle wrap or graphics like the one we did for Yarnell Door.

custom stickers for car wraps

Vehicle graphics are not limited to your traditional sized vehicles either, just take a look at the logo decal we did for Intercounty Concrete.

custom stickers for cars and trucks

Or keep it simple and use decals to create custom racing stripes for your vehicle!


Most commonly used by oil change businesses like Jiffy Lube and car dealerships, removable adhesive stickers or low tack stickers are a more niche type of car sticker.

Since removable adhesive stickers are designed to be temporary, they’re best used on the interior or a car window.

There’s honestly no limit to what you can do with custom car stickers these days and thanks to our top of the line design services and sticker printing equipment there is practically nothing we can’t do for you!

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