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Lawn Sign Placement

We’ve covered how to design the perfect lawn sign, but if you’re not placing your lawn signs in the right spots, how great your signs look won’t matter much.

Let’s answer the most common questions you may have about lawn sign placement.


If you’re looking for the short and simple answer, then the ideal spot for your lawn signs is along a road with a lot of traffic moving at low speeds.

Think of Niagara Street in Welland or Broad Street in Dunnville.

Roads like these get a lot of traffic which means there will be more people to see your sign, and if that same road doesn’t have a high speed limit that should mean more of those people will be moving slow enough to notice and read your sign.

lawn sign placement

However these ideal roads may not exist in every municipality and when they do there may be other reasons why you cannot or should not place your lawn sign there.

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Depending on where you live or what industry you’re in, you may not be able to find the ideal spot to place your business lawn signs.

So what are some other good spots?

  1. Near stop lights or 4 way stops.
    A stopped vehicle will have the best opportunity to read your lawn sign. Whenever possible try and place your sign in an area where vehicles come to a halt.

  2. On your customers lawn.
    Regardless of the amount of traffic, the benefits of placing your lawn sign here is that it also acts as a quasi-testimonial. You often see this as a common practice by contractors, roofers and landscaping companies. When a customer agrees to let you place a sign on their property during or after a job it’s as if they are also publicly endorsing the company.

  3. On your own property.
    Municipal bylaws and zoning may prevent you from displaying certain types of larger signs, but almost never would they prevent you from displaying a small lawn sign on your front lawn. Talk about local advertising! RELATED ARTICLE: How To Secure Your Lawn Signs

  4. Up on a pole.
    You read that right. Lawn signs are good for more than just sticking in the grass. Since they're durable and light weight they can be positioned on a pole, structure or fence for increased visibility. This offers you more flexibility in terms of where your lawn sign can go.


One of the reasons lawn signs are so popular is because of how easy they are to move.

They’re light, durable and get secured in the ground with a simple step stake making them easy to pick up and re-locate whenever you want.

How often should your lawn sign be re-located?

While this may fluctuate a bit based on your industry, advertising goals, seasonality etc, there are two considerations that apply in most cases:

  1. Don’t move it too often.
    Potential customers need to see your advertisement enough times for it to sink in (think of the rule of 7). Find good spots and leave them there long enough for a lot of people to see them at least 7 times. Even if someone passes by daily as part of their commute, that doesn’t mean they will look at it every day so 1 week is not nearly long enough.

  2. Don’t leave it there too long.
    No matter how nice your sign looks, eventually it will become stale if kept in the same spot. If your sign doesn’t move for a long time it will become white noise and blend into the background, especially for those who travel by often. You could change the design to freshen things up if you don’t want to leave the spot you chose, but an easier and less expensive route to consider would be to rotate the locations of your signs. Even if that means taking them down for a couple months before putting them back up in the same spot. Give those daily commuters a chance to notice they’re gone and notice when they re-appear.

There is no standard rule as to how long lawn signs should be placed in any one spot, however if you’re looking for some guidance we would say leave them in place for at least 2 months and no more than 6 months in a single stretch.


Each local municipality will have varying rules as to where and how you can display exterior signage.

These bylaws are in place to protect private property, the local environment and to help keep roadways safe.

We strongly recommend referring to your local government bylaws before placing your lawn signs.

For example, Haldimand County By-law 1064/10 states that a “visibility triangle” must be maintained on corners so no obstructions can be placed that would impede a drivers visibility while Welland By-law 2005-21 restricts occupational signs on residential lands.


As with any form of advertising, the more customized and thoughtful your approach to deployment is the better.

Think about the goals of your advertisement such as who would be most likely to notice and respond well to your lawn sign.

Are you a contractor offering window upgrades to residential homes? Then you’d want to place your signs near neighborhoods with older homes rather than near new development whose homes likely will not need new windows for years.

Do you offer high end luxury services? Then you’ll want to place your signs near neighborhoods that generally have more expensive housing.

Make sure you’re matching your business with the right audience with every advertising decision you make.

If you’re looking for a personalized quote for your lawn sign needs, please send in a quick quote form and we will be happy to get you more details.

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